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Pricing Help & Custom Licenses
At Founder we know each project has its own budget and we do our best to try to help you stay within those parameters. Every music license carries a different fee structure. The library offers competitive pricing by eliminating legal and administrative legwork, and we pass those savings onto you.

The question of ‘How much does a music license cost’ is driven by a number of different factors. The potential exposure of the production is a major factor behind the cost of a music license. A Business License starts as low as $99 and goes up to $1267, depending on the client size and whether or not you intend to show the project on the web, internally and/or externally. All projects with Paid Media advertising require you request a custom music license.

What Are Typical Music Licensing Fees?

MICRO LICENSES refer to any music license that can be purchased at The pricing for micro licenses is predetermined and is defined by the type of project you are working on. Micro licenses apply to projects for companies under 500 employees and where the project is not being promoted through paid advertising. The kinds of micro licenses available at are numerous, but here a handful of examples of common music licenses:

  • Wedding Music License - $99
  • Business/Corporate Music License (1-100 Employees, Web/Streaming with No Paid Advertising) - $499
  • Non-Profit Music License (1-100 Employees, Web/Streaming with No Paid Advertising) - $374
  • Independent Film - $499

CUSTOM LICENSES have no set price. While our team does have guidelines for negotiating custom music license fees, it’s ultimately determined after discussions with you, and we always do our best to try to help you stay within your budget. When a license is for a company that has more than 500 employees, or if the license is being used alongside paid advertising, this requires a custom license negotiation. Custom music licenses don’t necessarily guarantee a higher price, but one should expect to pay more for a custom license than for a micro license due to the administrative & legal work that goes into the terms of the contract.

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