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What is Good Music?

Good music is something that takes you somewhere — to another place.

Good music moves you. It’s authentic. It’s more than instrumentation, vocals and sounds. It makes you feel something unique, something remarkable, something real.

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Process Founder.

We’re a different music experience. We are real human musicians. We bleed over tracks and the creative process. We’re heavily curated. We’re alive. And we speak your language.

Every track we write is original and unique. We write because we love music. We write because we feel it. We aren’t backed by venture capitalists. We’re not interested in wearing suits.

We’re musicians. Join us.

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A music power-tool for supervisors, producers, editors and creative teams. Create an Account to begin.

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We spent half a year building a search engine that doesn’t make you wait. With predictive keyword search and intuitive filtering, finding the right track happens in real-time. Even browsing results from page to page happens near instantly. Check it out. Click “Search” on the Tracks page.

Customize a Track.

With our heavily curated library you can find the perfect piece of music to support and elevate your production. Want a specific instrument out? Need an alternate ending? No Prob. Custom revisions and stems available.

Contact a music supervisor and let’s get started.

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